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Your personal planetarium. Learn about the night sky and find your way around with this augmented reality viewer that superimposes labels and information on your real view of the night sky. 

Put your phone in the viewing goggles, and look up. The universe2go app will highlight the constellations, stars and planets that you are looking at. Digital information is placed on top of your actual, live view of the sky. 

It can also help you find the planets and other objects. Where is Saturn tonight? Let the app guide you. 

You can operate it in several modes. For example, Discovery mode brings up more information about what you are looking at - how far away it is, the type of star, and so on. Mythology mode tells you about the Greek myths associated with each consellation. Expert mode lets you decide what you want to see. 

The app includes close up images of all the planets and hundreds of galaxies and star clusters. If you hold your gaze on a planet, for example, the view of the planet will get bigger and the app will begin a short narration about that objects. It contains over three hours of interesting, informative commentary. 

Universe2go is a great gift for people starting out in astronomy, and because it is so easy to use it is ideal for children. 



  • Representation of all 88 consellations in the sky 
  • Close-ups of planets, galaxies, star clusters and nebulae
  • Over three hours of audible commentary about the night sky 
  • The Greek myths linked with the constellations 
  • Fun exploration in quiz mode
  • Takes most modern smart phones 
  • Universe2go App is free to download from iTunes and Android App Stores 


"Doing augmented reality this way is great, doing a personal-planetarium-come-star-map this way is inspired." - Scientific American

"For those at all levels of experience in astronomy, it is definitely the next leap in the evolution of interactive sky map devices" - Astronomy Now

"A unique and quite frankly brilliant thing to have to hand for anyone who has a keen interest in space, especially children as it is so easy to use" - Erisea-Mag.com 

Click here to check that your phone is compatible. 


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Learn about the night sky with this cool augmented reality viewer that uses your smartphone to overlay info on your live view of the sky
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