QHY5III290 Colour Camera

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QHY5III290 Colour Camera

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a 2MP USB3.0 Lunar, Planetary and Guiding Camera

Best Planetary Imager

The QHY5-III series cameras are USB3 super-speed cameras and guiders.  Ideal for Lunar and planetary imaging as well as guiding.They can be used in a standard 1.25-inch eyepiece holder and have an adjustable location ring for confocality with an eyepiece.  All QHY5III series cameras come in a very small but powerful package!

TheQHY5III290C uses the IMX290 STARVIS Exmor R back-illuminated CMOS sensor. Available in both color and monochrome versions. Extremely low read noise. 1920x1080 full-HD resolution. 1/2.8-inch sensor size. This might be the highest-sensitivity sensor from Sony with such a small pixel size.

USB3.0 Super Speed
QHY5III series cameras use a 5Gbps USB3.0 interface. With a maximum 350MByte/second image transfer speed, the cameras produce the high frame rate ideal for high speed planetary imaging.

Advanced Heat Design
The QHY5III design helps transfer the heat generated by the sensor to the metal case of the camera quickly and then to the cooling fins and telescope eyepiece holder.

Aircraft Spec Socket
The QHY5III has an extremely stable 5-pin aircraft spec socket for the guide port


$599.00  $575.00
  • QHY5III290 Colour CMOS Camera
  • 1.5m USB3.0 Cable
  • 1.5 m 5pin Lemo to RJ11 Guide Cable
  • Focus Location Ring
  • 1.25" extension tube
  • CS focus spacer
CMOS Sensor   IMX290 (Back Side Illuminated)
Pixel Size   2.9um
Pixel Array   1920*1080
Effective Pixels   2.1 Megapixel
Sensor Optical Format   1/2.8-inch
Frame Rate @ Full Frame   135 fps
Frame rate @ ROI readout   220 fps @ 960x540, 460fps @ 480x270
Full Well Capacity   15.7ke-
Readout Noise   0.75e to 3.2e
A/D   12-bit
Shutter Type   Electric Rolling Shutter
Computer Interface   USB3.0
Guide Port   Standard 6-pin RJ11 Guide Port
Telescope Interface
  1.25-inch, CS mount
Weight   87g

The manual and software can be downloaded from

QHY Website


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