QHY 5P-II Colour Camera Premium Package

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QHY 5P-II Colour Camera Premium Package

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A high-res colour camera for planetary imaging, with accessories

The QHY5P-II is a 5.0 mega pixel high resolution colour planetary camera with high QE by using the MT9P006 sensor. It has the 1.25inch eyepiece size confocal design. 2.2um super small pixel, resulting in a high magnification without using barlow lens.

With a quantum efficiency of up to 62% it is very suitable for shooting the Moon and the planets, making it an affordable way for beginners to get started with astrophotography.

The premium package add five accessories to expand the use of your camera; a CS-mount adapter, a cool tripod adapter that slips around the body of the camera, a small tripod for webcam use, an 8 mm CS lens for electric view finder use and a 180º CS lens to transform the QHY 5 into an all-sky camera. 

The planet photos in the gallery above were all taken with this camera on an 8" reflector, by Shaun Fletcher. Check out some of his other stuff here


QHY 5L-II Sizes



CMOS Sensor      MT9P006
Sensor Size   1/2.5 inch
 Active Pixel   2592 x 1944
 Pixel Size   2.2µm x 2.2µm
 Readout Type   Progressive Scan
 Shuter   Electronic Rolling Shutter (ERS)
 Exposure Time   20µs - 1min
Pixel Binning    1024 x 768 and 800 x 600 2x2 binning
Peak Quantum Efficiency   48% @ Blue, 58% @ Green, 62% @ Red
Frame Rate   7 fps @ 2592x1944, 11 fps @ 2048x1536, 16 fps @ 1600x1200
22 fps @ 1280x1024, 63 fps @ 640x480, 150 fps @ 320x240
16 fps @ 1080p, 30fps @ 720p
Output Bit   8-bit and 12-bit
Sensitivy   1.53V/lux°s (550nm)
Pixel Clock   48MHz
Telescope Interface   1.25-inch Eyepiece Size
Optic Window   680nm IR cut filter
Back Focal   approx 17.5mm with C mount window
Camera Size  

Diameter = 31.6mm, Length = 60mm

Power Supply Mode   USB Power
Power Consumption   0.64W
Guide Port   Built in Optic Isolated Guide Port RJ11 6-pin
USB Interface   USB2.0 High Speed Interface
Weight   45g (body only, without confocal ring)
Standard Package   Camera Body, Confocal Ring, USB Cable, Guide Cable, 1.25" Extension Tube
Premium Package   CS Interface, Tripod Adapter, 8mm f/1.0 CS lens, 180° Fisheye lens

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