QHY 5L-II Mono Camera

QHY 5L-II Mono Camera
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QHY 5L-II Mono Camera
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QHY 5L-II Mono Camera
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  QHY 5L-II Mono Planetary/Guide Camera  

The QHY 5L-II is a high frame rate and high sensitivy planetary and guide CMOS camera.

It uses a 1/3 inch active-pixel Aptina MT9M034 sensor with 1.2 megapixels. Part of the QHY 5-II series of camera it is the size of a 1.25" eyepiece and retains the guide functions.

With a quantum efficiency of 74% it is very suitable for shooting the Moon and the planets, making it an affordable way of getting started with astrophotography.

QHY 5L-II Sizes



CMOS Sensor      MT9M034
Optical Format   1/3-inch
 Effective Area   4.83mm (H) x 3.63mm (V)
 Array Format   1280 x 960
 Pixel Size   3.75µm x 3.75µm
 Readout Type   Progressive Scan
 Shuter   Electronic Rolling Shutter (ERS)
 Exposure Time   20µs - 10min
BIN and  BIN Type    No
 Quantum Efficiency   74%
Frame Rate   30 fps @ 1280x960, 44 fps @ 1024x768, 75 fps @ 640x480
106 fps @ 640x480, 200 fps @ 320x240
ADC   On-chip, 14 bit (8-bit Output)
Data Rate   24-74.5 MHz
Dynamic Range   > 115dB
Telescope Interface   1.25-inch Eyepiece Size
Weight   45g (body only, without location ring)
Camera Size  

Diameter = 31.6mm, Length = 52mm

Power Supply Mode   USB Power
Power Consumption   0.64W
Guide Port   Built in Optic Isolated Guide Port RJ11 6-pin
USB Interface   USB2.0 High Speed Interface
Standard Fittings   Camera Body, Space Ring, USB Cable, Guide Cable
Optional Fittings   CS Interface, Super Radiator, Tripod Tube, Extension Tube

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QHY 5L-II Mono Planetary / Guide Camera
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