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  iOptron Powerweight  

iOptron’s PowerWeightTM rechargeable counterweight battery pack is specifically designed for using with iOptron’s CEM60, iEQ45, iEQ30, ZEQ25, MiniTowerII & MiniTowerPro mounts.

Use this battery pak in place of your traditional counterweight (CW), and avoid long extension cords. Inside the counterweight are 6 heavy duty spiral wound valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery cells. The 8 amp-hour power pack provides power for operation of your telescope gear out in the field.

Package includes; PowerWeight battery pack, power cable charger, online manual & 90 day limited warranty.


  • 6 cell heavy duty spiral wound VRLA battery
  • 12V/8Ah output
  • No memory effect
  • No liquid spill
  • Two parallel sockets for powering an extra accessory
  • Either socket can be used for charging pr power drawing
  • Can be used as a 3.2kg counterweight


Technical Specifications

Output      12V/8Ah
LED Indicator   RED: charging, GREEN: charge complete
 Dimensions   140mm x 110mm
Input   100-240V AC adaptor
 Weight   3.2kg (7lbs)
Working Temp   -50 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius


Photo shows battery pack attached to Mount. Mount not included

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iOptron Powerweight
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