Meade 8" LX200 Telescope Goto Package

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Meade 8" LX200 Telescope Goto Package

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A ready-to-go telescope package ideal for visual observing. An 8" Cassegrain telescope plus a fully automatic GOTO mount and all the accessories you need. 

We have coombines the 8" Meade LX200-ACF telescope with the excellent iOptron AZ Mount Pro.

The telescope 

The world's most widely used advanced amateur telescope

Now you can own similar optics to what the professionals use. Meade's LX200-ACF brings Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) optics within reach of amateur astronomers. Nearly every observatory reflector in the world uses an aplanatic (coma-free) optical system like the Ritchey-Chrétien (RC), including NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

Using the Meade exclusive design, ACF optics achieve aplanatic performance — with a flatter field, reduced astigmatism and eliminated diffractions spikes — equal to Ritchy-Chrétien systems, at a lower price. Meade’s LX200 also features Ultra-High Transmission Coatings which are specialized multi-layered coatings that are designed to improve the performance of your telescope’s optics. You’ll see brighter star clusters, more fine detail in nebulae, and additional surface features on planets. Averaged over the entire visible spectrum, total light transmission to the focus increases by 15%

The mount

We call it "level and go", the term used to describe iOptron new AZ Mount Pro's simple set up routing. Using its built-in precision level indicator, the operator simply levels the mount and turns on the power; this capable computerized alt-azimuth telescope mount takes it from there. Utilizing the on board 32 channel GPS receiver and built-in position and angular detection sensors; the AZ mount Pro calculates its global position as well as the telescope orientation. Automatically the mount slews the instrument to an easily identifiable bright object in the night sky. The user need only confirm a bright object is in the center of the view, to activate tracking and GOTO functionality.

The mount features a rechargable battery giving you portability without haveing to take a power supply. On board wi-fi enables control from your phone, tablet or computer. Its quiet and accurate tracking make it a please to use.


  • 30mm 2" Superview 70° eyepiece
  • 15mm 1.25" Superview 70° eyepiece 
  • 2" Quartz SCT Diagonal 
  • 2" 10:1 Linear Bearing Focuser focuser with self-centering adaptor for 1.25" eyepieces
  • 8x50 finder

You save over $380 compared to the individual item prices.  

$5,126.00  $4,745.00
Item Details
Package contents
8" Meade f/10 LX200-ACF Optical Tube Assembly
Finder 8x50mm
AZ Mount Pro with LiteRoc Tripod
Quartz Diagonal 2" SCT
30mm SuperView 2"
15mm SuperView 1.25"
Additional Options
iOptron 2" Tripod Carry Bag (Add $80.00)
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