iOptron iPANO AllView Pro Camera Mount

iOptron iPANO AllView Pro Camera Mount
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iOptron iPANO AllView Pro Camera Mount
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iOptron iPANO AllView Pro Camera Mount
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iOptron iPANO Allview Pro Camera Mount


The all new iPANO AllView Pro gigapixel camera mount is a professional solution for gigapixel panoramas. A sturdy design with smooth and high precision pan/tilt movement make the job easy.

This motorised camera platform supports large DSLR cameras and lenses and is designed to automate your ability to shoot extremely large-scale panoramas. The iPano directly connects to most DSLR camera models and can automatically and precisely point and shoot as many overlapping frames as necessary to assemble your final gigapixel panorama. 

The iPANO mount is based on iOptron's astronomical equipment design and electronics design. The mount is quiet, precise, sturdy and easy to operate. The built-in WIFI adapter enables wireless and network operation of the mount or a mount array.

Below is a video demonstration of the iOptron iPano:


  • Works with most DSLR cameras and lens
  • Can be operated as both AllView mount or rotating mount
  • 5kg payload for AllView and 10kg payload for rotating mount
  • Weight 3.3 kg
  • High resolution and high precision
  • High stability with zero backlash design
  • Two camera mounting positions: horizontal or vertical
  • Low power consumption for long operation time
  • Lithium rechargeable batteries
  • Built-in WiFi connection for computer/tablet/SmartPhone
  • Included iPano Commander for computer control
  • Remote, RS232 and RS485 ports for remote control
  • Customer firmware upgradeable
  • Self-locking during power outage
  • Padded carrying bag included

Package Contents

  • iPANO AllView Pro mount
  • 8.4V 2A battery charger
  • RS232 serial cable (RS232-RJ9)
  • Electronic trigger cables X7 (Canon N3, Canon E3, Nikon 10-pin, Nikon MC-DC2, Nikon MC-DC1, Olympus RU-UC1, SONY RM-S1AM)
  • Vertical mounting dovetail plate
  • Vertical mounting dovetail plate screws X2
  • 1/4" to 3/8" Camera Convert Screw Adapter
  • Hex key wrench
  • Padded carrying bag
  • Panoweaver 9.1 Standard Edition by Easypano (download from Easypano website)
  • One year Limited Warranty

Technical Specifications

Mount      iPano AllView Pro Camera Mount
Operation Mode   Panorama/Turntable
Mount Structure   U-shaped, double-arm, all enclosed
Frame Material   Aluminum alloy
Payload   Panorama – 5 kg  
Turntable – 10 kg
Weight   3.3 kg (includes battery)
Size   20.3 X 28 X 13.3 cm
Fitting Camera   Lens center to camera bottom < 80 mm (3.15 in.) – Most DSLR
Camera Mounting   Horizontal/vertical
Motor   Stepper motors
Drive Train   Metal worm/gear with synchronize belt
Motion   Concurrent biaxial, no backlash, no play, no vibration
Motion Range   Pan: 360°, Tilt: +90° to -90°
Motion Increment   0.0001° per step
Pan-tilt Precision   Pan: 15°/sec, Tilt: 8°/sec
Maximum Slew Speed   0.01°
Battery   Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery (7.4V, 4.4AH, 32.6 WH)
Operation Time   Continuous 50,000 shots (at 1 shot/sec rate)
Battery Charger   100-240V AC input /8.4V DC 2000mA output (Included)
Control Display   128 X 64 pixel LCD
Electronic Trigger Cables   Canon N3; Canon E3; Nikon 10 Pin; Nikon MC–DC1; Nikon MC–DC2; Olympus RM-UC1 and Sony RM-S1AM
Remote Trigger Interface   2.5mm three-contact TRS socket (earphone jacket)
Wireless Communication   Full Wi-Fi control via iPano Commander
I/O Port   Full control via RS232 command set or iPano Commander
Firmware Upgrade   User upgradable
Padded Carrying Bag   Included
Warranty   Mount: One year limited
Battery: 90 day limited
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A DSLR camera mount designed to automate large-scale gigapixel panoramas.
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