Guide Scope 60mm

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Guide Scope 60mm

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A versatile 60mm aperture Guide Scope with a built-in helical focuser for precise focusing of potential guide stars. The 60mm guide scope it the perfect tool to enable long exposure astrophotography.

Can be used with the QHY guide cameras or add a Illuminated Retical eyepeice to turn the guide scope into a large finder scope.

it includes the mounting bracket with dual tube rings, each having a three point adjustment screws.


Aperture:   60mm
Focal Length:   228mm (f3.8)
Optics:   Achromatic Objective
Coating:   Ultra-Broadband coating
Focuser:   1.25" Helical Focuser with Focus Locking Loop
Mounting   Six-point Star Guide Ring bracket with Vixen Standard Base



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Add a guide camera
QHY 5L-II Mono Camera (Add $425.00)
QHY 5P-II Colour Camera (Add $399.00)
23mm Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece (Add $145.00)
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