GSO 6" Newtonian telescope

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GSO 6" Newtonian telescope

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An easy to use 6" (153mm) telescope optical tube assembly. Great value for money and ideal for starting out.


A Newtonian is the classic reflector design which is simple, robust and easy to use. Newtonians give you a large aperture at an affordable price.  

The Astronz-GSO 6" Newtonian has a 6 inch (150 mm) primary mirror with a focal length of 750 mm and a focal ratio of f/5. You will have sharp views of the moon and planets even at magnifications of 250x. You will see extraordinary detail in the moon's craters, be able to see the gap in Saturn's rings and details in Jupiter's atmosphere. A large number of galaxies, nebulae and start clusters will be visible. You may even begin to see the spiral structure of some galaxies. 

GSO mirrors are made from optical quality BK7 glass and are limited only by diffraction, which means they achieve the theoretical maximum resolution possible for the size of the mirror. They are machined and polished to better than 1/12 wavelength, sometimes 1/16 wavelength, which is considerably better than the industry norm.  

This is a good telescope for learning astrophotography.  

This is the optical tube assembly only, and does not include the mount or eyepieces.  


What's in the box? 

  • 6" (150 mm) f/5 Newtonian optical tube assembly

  • 1.25" focuser 

  • Tube rings

  • Dovetail 

  • 6 x 30 finder scope


Optical design Newtonian
Primary mirror 6" (150 mm) BK7 glass with surface quality better than 1/16 wave RMS
Focal length 750 mm  
Focal ratio f/5 
Highest practical magnification 300x 
Focuser  Crayford 1.25" focuser
Finder 6x30mm fully coated achromatic finder  
Tube length 690 mm 
Weight of tube 6 kg 


People who want an easy to use scope for astrophotography and visual viewing of planets, the Moon and deep sky objects. Great for beginners.
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