Digital SLR Astrophotography - 2nd Edition

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Digital SLR Astrophotography - 2nd Edition

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The comprehensive guide to astro imaging with a DSLR camera

Michael A. Covington

Digital SLR cameras have made it easier than ever before to photograph the night sky. Whether you're a beginner, nature photographer, or serious astronomer, this is the definitive handbook to capturing the heavens. Starting with simple projects for beginners such as cameras on tripods, it then moves onto more advanced projects including telescope photography and methods of astronomical research. With 80% revised and updated material, this new edition covers nightscapes, eclipses, using cameras with sky trackers and telescopes, and tools for identifying celestial objects and investigating them scientifically. Image processing is discussed in detail, with worked examples from three popular software packages - Nebulosity, Maxlm DL, and PixInsight. Rather than taking a recipe-book approach, Covington explains how your equipment works as well as offering advice on many practical considerations, such as choice of set-up and the testing of lenses, making this a comprehensive guide for anyone involved in astrophotography.

Amateurs with affordable, easily portable equipment can now get better pictures of the sky than professional observatories did half a century ago.

A comprehensive yet accessible handbook providing guidelines for both beginners and experienced astrophotographers
Includes simple projects which can be carried out with just a camera and tripod, as well as more advanced material - up to introductory research-level, for example, variable-star photometry

Authour Michael A. Covington is one of America's leading amateur astronomers and the author of the highly acclaimed Astrophotography for the Amateur (Cambridge, second edition, 1999). He was a professor of computational linguistics and artificial intelligence at the University of Georgia. Now retired from academia, he runs a consulting business in Athens, Georgia, from where he continues to take pictures of the stars

Authors: Michael A. Covington
Published: January 2019
Format:   Paperback, 364 pages


Part I. DSLRs for Astrophotography:
1. Welcome to DSLR astrophotography
2. Digital image technology
3. DSLR operation
4. Five simple projects
Part II. Equipment and Techniques:
5. Deep-sky image acquisition
6. Coupling cameras to telescopes
7. Camera lenses
8. Tracking the stars
9. Precision tracking and guiding
10. Power and camera control in the field
Part III. Image Processing:
11. Deep-sky image processing
12. Workflow with specific software
13. More image processing techniques
14. Sun, moon, eclipses, and planets
Part IV. Advanced Topics:
15. Sensor performance
16. Testing sensors
17. Spectral response and filter modification
18. Tools for astronomical research
Part V. Appendices
A. Digital processing of film images
B. Exposure tables

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