2020 NZ Astronomical Yearbook

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2020 NZ Astronomical Yearbook

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The astronomy almanac showing what’s happening in New Zealand skies for 2020 plus current highlights in astronomy


This is a must-have astronomy almanac for what’s happening in the New Zealand skies for 2020, plus current highlights in astronomy. Full of spectacular images from New Zealand astrophotographers.


This year's issue features Information for beginners as well as veterans:

  • Informative articles on the current hghtlights of astroomy
  • Sky guides and star charts for the year

  • Monthly guide to celestial events

  • Contact information for NZ Astronomical Societies

Full details of the 2020 edition will be posted once available

  Pre Orders available now - due for release in November 2019  

Published by Stardome Observatory.


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Stardome Observatory
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