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Learn about the stars. An augmented reality device that uses your smart phone to superimpose information on your real, live view of the night sky
Universe - The Definitive Visual Guide
This beautiful book is an ideal gift for keen amateur astronomers and is a great reference book for the whole family
iOptron SkyTracker Package
Simply attach your camera to take stunning night sky images.This ready-to-go package includes a ball mount and tripod
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Binoculars - Star Gazing & General Use. Astronz Online Shop


Binoculars are a great way to start exploring the night sky. They are very portable and have a wide field of view. As a bonus you can use them for viewing land based objects.

The giant binoculars will give views better than most small telescopes. 

By purchasing direct from the manufacturer we can supply these quality binoculars at the best possible price. 

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Tripod Adapter
Camera Tripod 'L' Adapter for Binoculars
In Stock

10x50mm Premium Binoculars
High quality light weight binoculars for exploring the night sky or land based objects
In Stock

Astronz Professional Tripod
A portable tripod for binoculars and cameras
In Stock

20x80mm Premium Binoculars
The vivid wide angle view from these bigger binoculars beats what you can see through cheap everyday telescopes
$549.00  $499.00
In Stock

25x100mm Premium Binoculars
Giant binoculars for astronomy and nature watching
In Stock

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