Telescope Shop. Mounts, Eyepieces, Accessories, Binoculars

Telescope Shop. Mounts, Eyepieces, Accessories, Binoculars

Quality Telescopes. Supporting New Zealand Astronomy


Dobsonian Newtonian Ritchey Chretien Telescopes for Sale

We supply high quality telescopes that are suitable for real astronomy, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Our range includes easy-to-use Dobsonians and Newtonians, with apertures from 6" to 16".

We alsosupply fully-automatic Meade Schmidt-Cassegrains as well as Ritchey-Chretien telescopes, perfect for astrophotography.

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Equatorial Telescope Mount

Equatorial, Alt-Az and automatic “Go-To” and tracking mounts for telescopes, tripods for cameras and binoculars.

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Universe 2 go

The hottest astronomy product of the summer.

Your personal planetarium. This 'augmented reality' device uses your smart phone to superimpose information on your real, live view of the night sky.

Great for learning your way around the stars and constellations.

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Get started or extend your hobby or research with our range of CCD and CMOS cameras that attach to your telescope.

You can also use your DSLR camera with one of our tracking mounts and take great wide field astrophotographs with no telescope at all.

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Binoculars and Accessories

Binoculars are a great and natural way to view the night sky. We have hand-held 10x50s and larger tripod mounted models. Designed with stargazing in mind, but just as good for use on land.

We also stock all the astronomy accessories you need - eyepieces, filters, collimators, books and star guides, and much more.

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Supporting NZ Astronomy

Our goal is to promote astronomy in New Zealand by providing quality equipment at a reasonable price.

We are owned by Auckland Astronomical Society and run by volunteers. Astronz is unique in reinvesting everything we make back into astronomy and science education in New Zealand.

Celebrating the Aotea/Great Barrier Dark Sky Sanctuary

This stunning coffee table book tells the story of the world’s newest dark sky sanctuary, right on our doorstep.


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